Episode XXIII - We're Back!

Episode XXIII - We're Back!

Our heroes having finished all the UK Games Expo coverage and now move back to the regularly scheduled podcast! 

On this episode, we go over the latest news, latest Kickstarter projects we've not had the chance to talk about as well as discuss a few new games we've managed to play! 

Episode XXII - Watch The Skies!

Episode XXII - Watch The Skies!

In this episode, our brave heroes finally finish up the discussion of UK GAMES Expo with a discussion of the Watch the Skies event! When the world is confronted by strange aliens from beyond the stars, how will they react? Seemingly with panic and fear! 

We discuss our experience as playing as the press, in the second Megagame that we've had the pleasure of playing! 

Episode XX - UK Games Expo Interviews!

Episode XX - UK Games Expo Interviews!

For the 20th episode of the Boardroom Podcast - it finally happened - we went to UK Games Expo! We saw a great many games and spoke to some truly inspiring people!

In this episode, we present to you the many interviews we gathered at the show - from wonderful game creators and designers to the dedicated editors and YouTubers who all work within the tabletop industry! 

Thank you to everyone that we spoke to at the convention; to everyone who took the time out of the busy, busy weekend to speak with us. We loved each and everyone one of you (even if we seemed super sleepy)! 

UK Games Expo 2016 (three episode extravaganza) #UKGExpo

If you have been following along with us at The Boardroom you will know this weekend we have been off to the UK Games Expo in Birmingham. We have had the chance to test some new releases, try some upcoming titles and tipple with developers, podcasters, press and other tabletop enthusiasts. As a result, we have a lot to talk about in the upcoming weeks as well as some recorded interviews from the expo. If you would like to join us at the table or listen to any of our podcasts you can find all the dates and details below...

 Friday 10th June - UKGE 2016 Interviews Podcast   - We are very excited to say we have some great interviews for you to listen to from this year's convention including guests Eric Lang, Efka from No Pun Included, Andrew Harman at YAY Games and a number of other developers from games such as Battle of the Bands and Statecraft: the political card game. This will be up on iTunes to listen to as soon as it has been edited.

Wednesday 15th June - LIVE UKGE 2016 Overview  - On Wednesday, 8pm as usual please join us at the table as we give a round up of this year's UKGE. It has been a hectic couple of days involving absinthe, Vikings, a big black bus, draining our bank accounts and not sleeping enough. We promise it will be entertaining. 

Friday 17th June - UKGE 2016 Overview  - If you miss our live podcast on Wednesday, DON'T PANIC! as you will find it on iTunes and here on the site the following Friday. 

 Wednesday 22nd June - LIVE UKGE 2016 Watch the Skies Megagame Recap - Being blown up, cloned by aliens, fighting Godzilla and surviving the end of the world (kind of) is a lot to do in one day for a couple of intrepid reporters. If you played with us, have played Watch the Skies before or just want to know what this whole Megagame thing is anyway please join us for a live episode at 8pm with comments and questions. 

Friday 24nd June - UKGE 2016 Watch the Skies Megagame Recap - Same as above. If you miss our live show; the recording goes onto the website and iTunes on Friday for your listening pleasure.

And now I am off to sleep.